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Balanced Mind Centers provides state-of-the-art Neurofeedback “Brain-Training” as it’s primary therapeutic tool to improve mental health, quality of life, and recovery from a wide range of mental and physical disorders related to inefficient or out-of-balance brain-wave activity. With over 100 years of accumulated psychiatric and mental health experience among our providers, Balanced Mind Centers is committed to its role in providing innovative, holistic, practical and effective treatment for its clients. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures each client can achieve the full potential of their most important asset, their brain.



Dr. Karen L. Cruey, M. D.,
psychiatric physician
Dr. Karen L. Cruey, M. D.,, as a psychiatric physician, provides services to adults, adolescents, and children, committing her practice to optimizing the overall health of her patients. Dr. Cruey’s evaluation includes a medical assessment with referrals as appropriate to medical and other subspecialists. Among other areas, clinical focus includes stress-related issues, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and substance abuse. At the end of the first appointment, the patient will receive comprehensive information regarding diagnosis, treatment goals, and therapy strategies including prescribed medications when appropriate. Dr. Cruey is fluent in English and Spanish. Se habla Español.
Dr. Simon Farrow
Diligent and Empathetic Neurologist
Dr. Simon Farrow is a diligent and empathetic neurologist who earned his medical degree from the prestigious University of Oxford in England and completed his residency in neurology at the University of Chicago in Illinois. He also completed his fellowship in neurology at the University of Chicago.
Carol Kohn Mannis
Mental Health Therapist & Social Worker, LCSW
Mrs. Carol Kohn Mannis is a Mental Health Counselor and Therapist Licensed as a Counselor and Social Worker. Mrs, Carol has serviced the public as a Psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker in numerous different clinics for many years. Today, Mrs. Ruiz is the Clinical Director at Balanced Mind Centers, and still is committed in her practice to optimizing the overall health of her patients.

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  • I’m the mother of a Seven year girl, who has a history of hyperactivity and behavioral problems. My daughter is normally a sweet and loving child, but frequently throws tantrums in which he becomes so frustrated and angry that he starts kicking, hitting, biting, clawing, and screaming. These tantrums have often lasted for several hours at a time, sometimes ending only when he becomes completely exhausted and cries herself to sleep. Since working with Balanced Mind Centers and their Neurofeedback team there has not been a single instance when Christopher’s behavior has not improved. Our family members and friends have also commented on the behavioral changes. I’m extremely grateful for your professional help.

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  • This helped me develop relationships with people with problems and help them in a way that is beneficial. Thank you Balanced Mind for helping me cope with some tough time in my life.

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  • I have been seeking for help through some doctors in the community, and was treated with drugs.  The side effects of the drugs were difficult to leave with, and I got sicker because of it.   My doctor recommended me to Balanced Mind Centers, and i thank her for it.  At Balanced Mind Centers, they did EEG and diagnosed…

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Professional Types of Services are provided by Physicians, Doctorate Level Professionals, Masters Level Licensed providers or Interns.  These services are provided in a variety of settings such as our offices, community settings, homes, schools, detention centers and senior facilities .

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, clinical research demonstrates that Neurofeedback is very effective for children and adolescents with ADHD.


Academic And Behaviour Disorder


Studies have found that children who have neurofeedback therapy for 6 weeks are better able to calm down, express themselves better regarding difficult issues and follow classroom instructions more easily than students who did not receive treatment.




According to many studies, Alpha-Theta neurofeedback has effectively demonstrated a high success rate with many different kinds of addiction from alcoholism to cocaine users.




For people suffering with Anxiety and or Acute Anxiety, Neurofeedback is a breath of fresh air.


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Sleep Hygiene Guidelines

by: Dr. Karen L. Cruey, MD It’s important to have adequate sleep. Here are a few guidelines to give your brain the rest that it needs.


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Academic And Behaviour Disorder

Studies have found that children who have neurofeedback therapy for 6 weeks are better able to calm down, express themselves better regarding difficult issues and follow classroom instructions more easily than students who did not receive treatment.

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We are Now Hiring Licensed Therapists & Licensed Interns  Balanced Mind Centers is currently seeking a full-time/part-time, Mental Health Professionals, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW ) and a Psychiatrist in Las Vegas, NV to start immediately. Required Education/Training/Experience: Applicants must have a degree in psychology, social work, MFT, or counseling, hold current license in the state of […]

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Balanced Mind Centers Event

Congratulations Balanced Mind Centers celebrating team members’ birthday. Balance Mind Centers is proud to be part of dedicated providers, therapists, doctors and supporting stuff who are dedicated to constantly improve the quality of services and improve the quality of life of every individual visiting us. Our Doctors and Specialists at Balanced Mind Centers assure that every individual is […]

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Mental health Support Balanced Mind Centers

A remarkable amount of people in America is suffering from mental illness. Our lives are filled with depressions and anxiety. We are rich and we have everything that makes our life luxurious, but still we are not happy. Being happy is the rarest thing in our life, coping with deadlines; professional and personal pressures which […]