Basic Skills Training

We understand that starting at the basics is key!


Basic skills by definition is a person's ability to read, write, compute, and problem solve. Neurofeedback can assist with training brain function to enhance skills, for example: Focus, Agility, Balance, and Coordination. By enhancing these skills, the most basic skills enhanced also.

Clients with a mental illness or disorder often struggle with basic skills. While going through treatment for their disorder we are able to assist with their skills in which they use every day. Making coping with a mental illness and day to day functions easier.

Improving basic skills isn't just for those with an illness. In fact, enhancing basic skills will increase non basic skills. To put it another way, think of it as a math problem. The better you are at addition and subtraction the better algebra will be for you.

Neurofeedback is used as a basic skills treatment. In short, neurofeedback not only increases basic skills; but also, improves overall mental performance.