Almost everyone suffers from compulsive behavior at some point in their life.  Compulsions like pulling the hair, picking the skin, biting the skin are often times deduced to nervous habits in everyday life.  Compulsions are a serious health condition however.  If a person finds themselves biting and picking, it can be very distracting and even painful behavior.  Compulsions are not always physical.  A person may suffer from mental compulsions such as repetitive counting and thinking.  Any kind of excessive thought or behavior that interferes with daily activities and distracts a person from what they will like to do, is a compulsion.  Neurofeedback literally makes the brain aware of itself through state of the art digital technology.  An individual can see their brain activity in digital form on a screen and the brain will automatically start to appropriate the electrical activity to the right areas of the brain for optimal functioning.  Many Doctors use Neurofeedback for treatment of compulsions especially in conjunction with cognitive therapy.  When the person learns new healthy habits to replace their compulsions and have the chemicals in their brain balanced, they suddenly will find that they no longer have compulsive thoughts and behaviors.  People may suddenly find that they no longer have desire or nervous behaviors that they use to and anyone with these annoying excessive behaviors can benefit greatly from Neurofeedback.