Depression and Mood Disorders

Depression counseling and mood disorder treatment Have you found yourself hindered by depression? A sense of sadness or despair that lasts weeks or months and permeates your daily living can sap you of energy, sleep, appetite, and concentration. Depressed teens and adults can become withdrawn from friends and family and the activities they once enjoyed, and begin to experience major depression or major depressive disorder. Moving beyond your depression can be particularly challenging when those around you encourage you to “cheer up” or “focus on the positive.” Though these sentiments may be well meaning, they can make someone suffering from depression feel even more isolated. Our team of professionals will lend constructive, compassionate support and suggest new tools to help you achieve happiness and wellness. Each person has the power to lead a fulfilling, content life. We look forward to helping you bring the joy back into yours. Thank you for your interest in our practice! Feel free to contact us via email for requests for general information and media inquiries.  Please contact us at (702) 323-1323 to schedule an assessment with us.