Developmental Disabilities

Children and adults with developmental disabilities show abnormal electrical activity in their brains.  With Neurofeedback therapy, people can learn how to voluntarily control their own brain activity. In a Neurofeedback session, the electrochemical activity in the brain is measured and the individual can see their brain activity on a visual screen.

Neurofeedback allows the individual to become aware of the electrochemical activity inside their brain.  When an individual can see their brain activity, the brain is made self-aware and more capable to heal itself.  Our Doctors will individually develop protocols for the specific disabilities which will be very helpful to normalize and correct imbalances in brain activity.

Developmental disabilities can cause many disabling symptoms that can be alleviated with Neurofeedback.  Neurofeedback allows the brain to reach its optimal function which allows people to make full use of their brains and overcome developmental disabilities.