Neurofeedback is very effective for alleviating migraines.   Migraines can debilitate individuals by causing extreme head pain, poor concentration, increased irritability and impaired vision.   Many people who suffer from regular migraines have abnormal electrical brain activity patterns.  Resetting the patterns in the brain is possible with Neurofeedback therapy.

Decreasing beta waves in some regions and increasing them in other regions creates a stabilizing effect that relieves pain and promotes optimal brain function.  In less than 7 Neurofeedback sessions an individual may experience relief from migraines and with 20-40 sessions and person may have complete migraine reduction or elimination.  Balancing the electrochemical activity in the brain has been demonstrated to be a great benefit to migraine suffers.  Neurofeedback relieves tension, stress, balances brain activity.

 All of these factors contribute to a relief of headaches and Neurofeedback is especially helpful for migraines.  According to Dr. Barry Schwartz, director of the Headache Center in New Orleans, about 85 percent to 90 percent of patients with chronic headaches respond positively to biofeedback. “Biofeedback also serves as an excellent bridge in assisting patients wean off medications,” he said. Reducing the undesirable brain waves and increasing the desirable brain wave activity, stabilizes and balances the activity which creates optimal brain functioning and cessation of migraines.

Neurofeedback is highly recommended by Doctors and preferred by Patients as the select modality for treating headaches.  In a 2011 study, more that 50% of those trained with Neurofeedback experienced complete cessation of their migraines. The researchers concluded “Neurofeedback appears to be dramatically effective in abolishing or significantly reducing headache frequency in patients with recurrent migraine”.

 If you suffer from migraines, Neurofeedback may have the solution that you are seeking.  It offers a noninvasive therapy that can permanently relieve headache problems without taking medications that have adverse side effects.