Neurofeedback Las Vegas

Neurofeedback Las Vegas

The Neurofeedback (Arousal) Model:

Neurofeedback is non-invasive and painless management system that allows the individual to obtain information about his or her electrical brainwave activity and use that information to modify changes in brainwave functioning. Neurofeedback involves helping a person to learn how to modify his or her brainwave activity and is a leading-edge technology that offers hope for many devastating brain disorders such as mental illness, substance abuse, learning disabilities, mood disorders, depression, ADHD, and anxiety.

All human activity is dependent upon the flow of information through elaborate neuronal networks in the brain. It is the combined effect of this neuronal activity that produces the wavelike electro-chemical discharges (brainwaves) that we work with in neurotherapy. Different activities or states of consciousness are associated with different brainwaves. A healthy brain shifts through different brainwave states dependent upon the task at hand. A deregulated brain may be under aroused and unresponsive or over aroused and anxious, resulting in a diminished ability to shift states in response to environmental demands; we become “stuck” in a specific state of arousal, style of responding or mood state. Neurofeedback is designed to enhance brain function by improving the brain’s ability to switch states.

That is, neurofeedback is used to “teach” the brain to increase its production of “situation ally healthy” brainwaves and decrease the production of “situational unhealthy” brainwaves. Over time, the brain adapts, resulting in greater flexibility and regulation of brainwave state.

Do you want to Feel better, Think better, Work better, Sleep better, Perform, Learn or even Remember better?

Using Neurofeedback (also known as EEG Biofeedback) will show you what your brain is doing and how to balance itself with No Medications and No Unwanted Side-Effects!

How do we know what part of the brain to train needs to be treated?

Psychiatrists and Psychologists are the only doctors who don’t take a physical look at the organ they are treating?

Unlike industry standards we do look into your brain before it is treated. We put a cap that has sensors/electrodes on your head.  These sensors provide us with detailed measurements of the activity in various parts of your brain.  We analyse the results and provide a specific and customized protocol.   Patients can experience some benefit within the first 10 sessions.

Certain brainwave patterns correspond to common disorders or syndromes, so once this is analysed we work on bringing these brainwaves patterns to normal currency.

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