Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is associated with a certain brain wave pattern.  Individuals suffering from OCD have a variety of complications.  There are many different symptoms in people with OCD, everything from compulsive checking to obsessive hand washing, even repetitive thinking.  In brain training for people with OCD the person will learn to create new healthy brain patterns which will lead them to be less obsessive.  Neurofeedback games are very useful tools for especially for OCD, Tourette’s and ADHD.  The games engage the person to concentrate and focus, literally training the brain activity to operate at their chosen direction.  This brain training allows the brain to balance itself by concentrating the brain activity to a specific region where there was previously inactivity.  On the other hand, if a region of the brain has too much activity, it can also be lessened to a more normally active state.  Since this disorder of OCD is related to specific brain patterns identified by researchers, Neurofeedback is very helpful for this condition.  Neurofeedback will correct the abnormal brain patterns and a person will notice changes within a few sessions, even possibly after one session.  Suddenly, the urge to overthink, continuously check, or excessively repeat behaviors will not be a problem.  A person will begin to act according to rationally because they are thinking rationally with the brain activity stabilized and balanced.  Anyone who suffers from OCD or Obsessions will benefit from the electrochemical balancing in the brain that neurofeedback offers. Neurofeedback identifies the dysfunctional parts of the brain and retrains them to create improved brain wave patterns. With training and practice, the brain actually begins to create these more functional patterns on its own.