Panic Attacks

Neurofeedback involves training a person to consciously correct abnormal brain patterns.  Certain brain waves that contribute to anxiety or promote fearful responses can be minimized with Neurofeedback.  Most people suffering from Panic Attacks and Anxiety have abnormal electrochemical activity inside their brain that is causing this condition.  Research has found that abnormally fast, beta wave activity is a common factor of individuals suffering from this condition.  People can struggle with a variety of fears or phobias, but it is irrational phobias and fears that can hinder a person in many ways.  People have to arrange every detail of their life according to this high level of angst or panic.  Balancing the electrochemical activity inside the brain can offer people clarity of mind that allows them to distinguish between rational anxiety and irrational anxiety.  Neurofeedback is able to lower anxiety levels which lead to a greater overall peace of mind and most importantly, a decrease in panic attacks.  Neurofeedback therapy trains people to consciously regulate their brain activity in specific parts of their brain.  Individuals that experience Neurofeedback therapy have demonstrated ability to consciously downregulate activation in certain areas of the brain.