Schizophrenia or ‘split mind’ condition has been one of the most challenging psychiatric disorders to treat. Medication and cognitive behavioral therapy have been the only options for treating this condition, until now.

Neurofeedback is an all-natural approach to treating schizophrenia without antipsychotic drugs and traditionally invasive treatments. Thoughts, behaviors, and emotional processes in the body are all disrupted by schizophrenia and usually onsets in later adolescence and early adulthood. This condition is very disruptive to the individual suffering from this condition and the family and friends. Clinical studies have been conducted to test the efficacy of Neurofeedback for Schizophrenia. Forty seven people out of 48 people participating in the trial demonstrated clinical improvement from Neurofeedback therapy.

The final conclusion a particular study is that Neurofeedback is effective for treating schizophrenia. For anyone suffering from schizophrenia, normalizing the neuronal activity in the brain is imperative and essential for optimum brain function. Brain mapping allows for a specific diagnosis in which case Neurofeedback will train the neuronal networks in the brain for optimal functioning.