Sleep Disorders

Over 60 million Americans struggle with some kind of sleep disorder. Neurofeedback is highly effective at regulating sleep and recommended by health professionals worldwide. Many people suffer from insomnia report they have difficulty falling asleep, wake up throughout the night, and sleep restlessly. People can suffer from sleep disorders for years, seeking help, then finally give up altogether. Within just a few sessions of Neurofeedback, sleeping problems may resolve completely.

Neurofeedback quickly balances sleep patterns and is a powerful way to get to sleep and stay asleep. The EEG brain mapping allows our Doctors to identify any abnormality in the brain that is interfering with sleep. Neurofeedback addresses the psychophysiological issues in the brain and as a result many people successfully retrain their brain to sleep well again.

According to experts, sleeping pills only give an extra 11 minutes of sleep per night and always have a hangover side effect when the individual wakes up. With Neurofeedback, the brain trains itself how to sleep again, by normalizing the neuronal networks in the brain. Sleeping patterns are very complex and there are several factors to consider treating any sleeping problem. Neurofeedback is possibly the most powerful tool that does not involve any drug therapy for regulating sleep.