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Located in In the center of Las Vegas, Servicing both the East & West sides, Balanced Mind Centers is quickly becoming a sought after choice for Psychiatrists, Mental Health, Therapy and Wellness in the Las Vegas area. Balanced Mind Centers offers clients the attention and care they require in order to provide balance from symptoms as well as a new perspective on life.

Our Psychiatrists, Mental Health Therapists, and Family & Marriage Counselors Are Proud to be your Number One Health Providers in Las Vegas.
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Balanced Mind Centers provides state-of-the-art Psychiatry and Psychology Treatment. Balanced Minds Centers offers a wide range of psychiatrist services in Las Vegas providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary care, safe, confidential and caring environment for all your mental health needs. Our Las Vegas psychiatrists and therapists comprised of a variety of mental health professionals ready to assist you at a moment notice. Our goal is to improve your quality of life and Balance your mental and physical being. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach which can potentially ensure each client the full potential of their most important asset, their brain. Our Therapy-Psychiatry session coupled with Biofeedback “Brain-Training” helps and improves mental health, quality of life, and recovery from a wide range of mental and physical disorders related to inefficient or out-of-balance brain-wave activity. With over 100 years of accumulated psychiatric and mental health experience among our providers, Balanced Mind Centers is committed to its role in providing innovative, holistic, practical and effective treatment for all its clients. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures each client can achieve the full potential of their most important asset, their brain.

Balanced Mind Centers Psychiatrists and Mental Health Therapists.

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Carol Kohn Mannis

Mental Health Therapist

Irene Burke

Medical Doctor

Dr. Simon Farrow


Dr. Karen L. Cruey, M. D.

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Balanced Mind Centers - Las Vegas

  • "A friend of mine asked me to go to Balanced Mind Centers, so I can see a psychiatrist or a therapist. Immediately they did a mental health assessment and decided that I should come twice a week for the next month or two. After two weeks going there, I felt the difference"
  • "I had many problems for the last two years with my mental being. When first came to see the psychiatrist at Balanced Mind Centers, I started felling good. I would like to thank you and your friendly staff for helping balance my life again.”
  • “Balanced Mind Centers made a difference in my life! I went in for an appointment & talked about my issues. The staff was friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Balanced Mind Centers for your mental health being. Thank you so much!”

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, clinical research demonstrates that Neurofeedback is very effective for children and adolescents with ADHD.

Studies have found that children who have neurofeedback therapy for 6 weeks are better able to calm down, express themselves better regarding difficult issues and follow classroom instructions more easily than students who did not receive treatment.

According to many studies, Alpha-Theta neurofeedback has effectively demonstrated a high success rate with many different kinds of addiction from alcoholism to cocaine users.

For people suffering with Anxiety and or Acute Anxiety, Neurofeedback is a breath of fresh air.